Silver Raven ear cuff

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Silver Raven ear ring

Handmade ear cuff that has been etched with a Norse raven design and then hand cut to shape.

Raven (Old Norse: hrafn- The Raven was a very symbolic animal across the Viking age and within Norse mythology. Raven's were seen as predatory powerful animals and were admired by the Vikings, so much so that it was popular to name your children after the bird. Raven's would circle battle fields, waiting for fighting to cease so that they could feed on the dead, who would now be on their way to Valhalla. Ragnar Lothbrok and King Harald Hardrada both sailed beneath a Raven banner. Odin himself had two ravens, Hugin and Munin, as pets that he would use to scour Midgard each day.

  • Handmade
  • Material: Hallmarked Sterling Silver (925)
  • Hand cut to shape

 All our jewelry is handmade in the U.K using the highest quality material available. Please be aware that it is all handmade to order by our local jeweller so there is a production time once the order has been placed.