Special Drinking Horns

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    Our collection of extra special drinking horns. These horns are either one offs or exclusive designs. Each one is handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop. 

    Every horn is lined with a food grade beeswax. Ensuring a crisp clean taste no matter your choice of drink!

    11 products
    Lingsberg Runestone Horn
    Mjölnir drinking horn (Relief)
    Mjolnir with Hugin and Munin rim
    Odin Drinking Horn
    Red Knot Work Horn
    Rune stone Horn
    Tanum Petroglyph's Drinking Horn
    from £70.00
    The Binding of Fenrir drinking horn
    from £60.00
    Triple horns of Odin drinking horn (Full Carve)
    from £60.00
    Tyr Drinking Horn
    Urnes Dragon horn

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