About Us

Horns of Odin is a husband and wife run business that has been growing organically over the last few years. 

I have always had an interest in the Viking age and Norse mythology, but it wasn't until Sarah and I visited the Jorvik viking festival that that interest grew into an obsession. Sarah bought me a "Viking drinking horn", which we thought was the finished article. It wasn't until i got a mouth full of horn residue, that i realized how wrong i was!! 

Not wanting to waste the gift, i decided that i would create the best horn possible. After hours of research and weeks of hard work, the horn was finally clean inside and out, carved and adorned with silver trims. 


In true accidental business fashion, a friend saw the horn and was adamant that i make him one too. One friend turned into two. Two into an Etsy page. An Etsy page into a business selling at shows and festivals nationwide!

As the business grew we have had the pleasure of bringing on board some amazing crafts people who share our vision for creating quality products handmade in the UK. 

We have a passion for offering the highest quality of products available, using the highest quality materials. We will never buy-in mass produced items to sell for "a quick buck". Everything we stock has either been made by us, or exclusively for us by one of our local trade people.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. 

Horns of Odin

Dan and Sarah