Helm of Awe Candle Holder

Helm of Awe Candle Holder
Helm of Awe Candle Holder
Helm of Awe Candle Holder

Helm of Awe Candle Holder

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Handmade Helm of Awe Wooden Candle Holder

This beautiful candle sconce is made by Thorsonns Workshop. It is made from reclaimed wood that has had a dark stain applied to feed and protect the wood. Carved into it is the Helm of Awe.

Holds a single tea light. 

Please note, each one is completely hand made so may differ from product pictures.

Helm of Awe (Icelandic: Ægishjálmr, Old Norse Œgishjalmr) - The Helm of Awe is one of the most well know and powerful Norse symbols; and often represents strength and protection. It is believed that warriors would paint the symbol on their foreheads before battle, with the intention of striking fear into the hearts of their opponents.

The arms of the symbol appear to be made up of the rune Algiz, often symbolising protection and prevailing over one's enemies.

In Fáfnismál (Poetic Edda poem), the dragon Fafnir attributes much of his power and apparent invincibility to the "Helm of Awe", a physical object which Sigurd takes from the dragons lair after he slays Fafnir in the Volsunga Saga (Saga of the Volsungs).

The Helm of Awe

I wore before the sons of men

In defense of my treasure;

Amongst all, I alone was strong,

I thought to myself,

For I found no power a match for my own.

Fáfnismál: Stanza 16

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