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Large Rustic War horn
Large Rustic War horn
Large Rustic War Horn
Large Rustic War horn
Large Rustic War horn
Large Rustic War Horn

Large Rustic War Horn

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Quality & Craftsmanship

How we make our horn products

In the heart of craftsmanship, where tradition meets creativity, Horns of Odin stands as a beacon of Nordic inspiration. Renowned for our exquisite collection of Nordic-inspired drinking horns, horn mugs, and shot horn glasses, Horns of Odin is more than just an online retailer – it is a testament to the art of handmade craftsmanship…

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Large Rustic War Horn


Large Rustic War Horn


Large Rustic War Horn

This is our plain rustic war horn, that has been finished to a more rustic and natural state. We don't use trumpet reeds in our war horns, each and every mouthpiece has been hand carved to match the traditional Viking method.

War Horns are sounding devices that were typically made from animal horn, a mouthpiece is carved into the "tip" of the horn allowing the user to blow the horn creating an extremely loud distinctive noise. The most famous Viking war horn was the Gjallerhorn which belonged to the God Heimdall, who would sound the horn to signal the beginning of Ragnarok (The end of the world).

    • Length: 55 cm (Approx) 
    • Rustic Finish
    • Handcrafted in the UK
    • Traditional mouthpiece

    20% OFF all horn stands when purchased with a horn!! Simply add the horn of your choice and the correct sized stand (see below) to you cart, and we'll do the rest!

    All our horn products are completely handmade in our Yorkshire-based workshop, so please be aware there is a production time of around 3-4 weeks once the order has been placed.

    Any customs fees that may occur with items sent to Europe are payable by the customer.

    All our horn products are handmade in our Yorkshire-based workshop. All horns arrive in their completely natural state. We then sand, polish and line the inside of each individual piece. All designs are drawn on and carved entirely by hand.

    These horns are made to order and are completely natural items, so they may differ from the product pictures. If you have a preferred colour horn, please leave a message with your order, and we will do everything we can to accommodate.


    We offer FREE shipping on all orders over £40 within the UK.

    Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on parcel size, weight and delivery location.

    We aim to ship in stock items within 2 working days. Custom or handmade items do have a production time, please check the item description for these.

    Customs and import fees are determined by the customs authorities at the destination country, and may be applied once the parcel arrives in the destination country. Please check local import rules.

    Please check item descriptions for any specific shipping information for individual products.


      Your horn is handmade by skilled craftsmen.
      Your product is unique and one of a kind.
      Created to reflect traditional Nordic artistry.
      Captures the spirit of Nordic mythology.


    To master the art of blowing a Viking war horn is to harness the very essence of ancient Nordic strength. Begin by cradling the horn in your hands, feeling the weight of history and the echo of Norse valor.

    Tilt the horn slightly, positioning it for optimal airflow. As you lift it to your lips, summon the courage of Viking warriors past and exhale with a force that resonates through the ages. Let the haunting call of the horn pierce the air, a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the North.

    In that moment, you become a vessel for the ancestral echoes, a warrior invoking the power of Odin's realm through the primal sound of the Viking war horn.

    Watch our video here for more details.


    A pictoral gallery showing some of the different stages in how your War Horn is made…

    Meticulous Detail

    The process of crafting these exquisite drinking vessels is a labor of love that embraces authenticity at every step. One of the defining features of Horns of Odin's creations is the meticulous attention to detail. The horns are shaped by hand, allowing the artisans to create unique and individualised pieces, each with its own character and charm. This hands-on approach ensures that no two horns are exactly alike, making every purchase from Horns of Odin a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

    The artisans use traditional techniques passed down through generations, employing age-old methods to create horns that capture the essence of Norse mythology and Viking heritage. Intricate carvings and engravings depicting symbols from Norse mythology, such as the mighty Mjolnir or the fearsome wolves of Fenrir, adorn these masterpieces, adding an extra layer of cultural richness to each piece.

    Crafted With Passion

    The commitment to authenticity extends beyond the visual appeal. Horns of Odin takes pride in using only high-quality, food-grade materials, ensuring that their creations are not just stunning but safe for everyday use. Whether you are sipping your favourite beverage or toasting to camaraderie, these handcrafted vessels provide a unique and unforgettable drinking experience.

    The dedication to craftsmanship and the celebration of Nordic culture are evident in every product offered by Horns of Odin. From the larger-than-life drinking horns that evoke the spirit of Viking feasts to the more intimate horn mugs and shot glasses that carry the same legendary aura, each piece is a testament to the passion and skill invested by the artisans.

    Handmade for you

    When you bring a piece from Horns of Odin into your home, you're not just acquiring a drinking vessel; you're welcoming a work of art that encapsulates the spirit of Norse mythology and the age-old art of handcrafting. With every sip, you'll be transported to a world where craftsmanship and mythology intertwine, leaving you with a truly immersive and memorable experience.


    Discover the art of caring for your Nordic-inspired drinking horn in this short and insightful video.

    Whether you're a seasoned Viking enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of mythical libations, our guide will ensure your horn remains a timeless vessel for your favourite beverages.

    Unveil the secrets to maintaining the natural beauty and authenticity of your Horns of Odin creation. Join us on this journey to preserve the legacy and craftsmanship that make each drinking horn a symbol of Nordic tradition.


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