Valknut Sheild Ring

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Valknut Shield ring

Handmade adjustable ring etched with the Valknut.

Valknut (Old norse: Vair, "Slain warriors and knut, "knot") - The exact meaning of the Valknut still remains unknown. It is thought to be closely linked to Odin and has been found in a number of burial sites.

  • Material: Copper, Brass and Steel
  • Valknut
  • Adjustable
  • Handmade

Although these rings are adjustable, different sizes are available.

Extra Small: up to UK size K

Small: from UK size K up to UK size O

Medium: from UK size O up to UK size S

Large: from UK size S up to UK size W

Extra Large: from UK size W up to UK size Z+1

All our jewelry is handmade in the U.K using the highest quality material available.