Triquetra belt bag

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Triquetra belt bag

This dark brown belt bag has been hand embossed with a pattern around outer edge and a Triquetra symbol on the lid. It has a large leather loop to be worn on both thick and thin belts.

Triquetra (Latin: triangular) -  The symbol is closely linked to the Valknut and Triple horns of Odin. Items baring the Triquetra have been found across all of the Viking world. It's true meaning to the Norse is uncertain, because the Triquetra was used by the Christian's to convey their own religious beliefs. Christian Viking kings of York would use the symbol on their coins, this shows that the Viking settlers had more than likely adopted the symbol with its Christian meaning.

It is also thought the triple tipped synbol symbolized the three most important Norse gods; Odin, Thor and Freyr.

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Hand embossed
  • Triquetra
  • Belt bag
  • Vegetable tan leather
  • Dark brown
  • Silver clasp
  • Pouch Size: 20cm x 14cm x 4cm
  • Loop size: 14cm

All of our leather work is handmade in the U.K by our expert leathersmith, exclusively for Horns of Odin. We use vegetable tan leather, which is what would have been used during the Viking age, to give our products that authentic feel.