Svinfylking Sweatshirt

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Svinfylking Sweatshirt

Our Svinfylking sweatshirts are ethically made using organic cotton and have a tapered neck.

This sweatshirt features our Svinfylking design on the front.

  • Storm Grey
  • Svinfylking
  • Organic cotton
  • Stitched V detail at front neck

Svinfylking (Old Norse: Boar Snout) were among the most feared Nordic warriors.

These warriors would enter into battle wearing only the Boar's pelt. It was believed that Odin would allow the men to enter into a state of possession, where their kindred beasts would grant the warriors untold strength, fearlessness and fury.

"Odin's men went armor-less into battle and were as crazed as dogs or wolves and as strong as bears or bulls. They bit their shields and slew men, while they themselves were harmed by neither fire nor iron. This is called 'going berserk'"

Sizes (Chest)

  • Small 34 - 36" / 86 - 91 cm
  • Medium 38" / 96 cm
  • Large 40" / 101 cm
  • XL 42" / 106 cm
  • XXL 44 - 46" / 111 - 116 cm