Rune horn pendant with gold ink (Younger Futhark)

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Rune horn pendant with gold ink (Younger Futhark)

Horn pendant hand carved with a single rune from the Younger Futhark, with gold ink. Please choose the colour of high quality leather thong from the drop down menu.

Not all runes have positive meanings, so please choose carefully from our "Rune guide sheet"; available in the images. If there is a rune not featured that you would like, or a personal bind rune, please send us a message along with your order and we will take care of that for you.

We use both the Elder and Younger Futhark runes. The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of runic alphabets and was used by the northern Germanic tribes during their migration period north, right up until 800 CE. During the late 9th century the Elder Futhark was simplified by the Scandinavian's to create the Younger Futhark, and cut from 24 runes to just 16.

All our horn products are completely handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop so please be aware there is a production time of around 2 weeks once the order has been placed .

These pendants are made in our Yorkshire based workshop from horn tips. Each tip is sanded, polished and carved by hand before being suspended from a high quality leather thong necklace. The length of the drop is adjustable by two slip knots.

These pendants are made to order from natural materials, so may differ slightly from the product pictures.