Dragon Scale Buffalo Bone Mjolnir Pendant

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Dragon Scale Buffalo Bone Mjolnir Pendant 

Part of a series of unique pieces, created by the amazingly talented Thor's Threads, this Mjolnir Pendant has been hand pyrographed with a stunning Dragon Scale design. 

Each piece is unique and exclusively available with Horns of Odin.

Presented on a soft leather adjustable thong which is adjustable via two slip knots.

Mjölnir (Old norse: Mjǫllnir) - Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, and is one of the most feared weapons in all of Norse Mythology. It is especially feared by the jötunn (Giants), as Thor is Asgard's resident giant slayer. The hammer was forged by the Dwarves, Brokkr (Meatalworker) and Sindri (Spark-sprayer) and can be shrunk to the size of an amulet and worn around the neck.