Horns of Odin Black Zip-up Hoodie

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Horn of Odin Black Zip-up Hoodie

Our Horns of Odin Hoodie is ethically made using 100% organic cotton and has a tailored fit.

This zip-up Hoodie features a simple version of our Horns of Odin logo embroidered on the front breast with white thread. 

Front single pocket with drawstring hood. 

  • Black Zip-up Hoodie with white embroidered logo
  • Kangaroo pockets.
  • Double layered hood in self fabric.
  • Metal Zipper and Eyelets.
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Tailored fit
  • Unisex

Triple horns of Odin (Also referred to as Horn triskellion) - In order to obtain the mead of poetry (skáldskaparmjöðr), which was made from the blood of the god Kvasir, Odin bargained 3 nights with the giantess Gunnlöð in exchange for three sips of the mead. However, with each sip he drank a whole horn. Since the three horns, named Óðrœrir, Boðn and Són, contained the whole of the mead, Odin thus got all of it and fled in the shape of an eagle.

Sizes (Chest)

  • Small- 51.5cm- 20.2"
  • Medium- 54cm- 21.2"
  • Large- 57cm- 22.4"
  • XL- 60cm- 23.6"
  • XXL- 63cm- 24.8"

All measurements are in half chest.