Horns of Odin Blend Coffee Beans (Short Dated)

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Horns of Odin Blend Coffee (250g) (Short Dated)

We have teamed up with Ue Coffee Roasters, a independent British company to create our own signature blend.

They roast their coffee beans in small batches, using a unique traditional oak fired roasting process, which is totally unique to them in the UK.

All of the wood used in the roasting process is locally and ethically sourced.

Usually drunk as a Radcliffe espresso, this can also be used as a flavoursome filter coffee. You can expect a full bodied espresso with bright acidity, chocolate caramel and a nutty walnut undertone. 

The process used is washed and natural, it includes the variety Caturra and Pache. Its production comes from various small holders and is sourced at an altitude between 1150-1650 MASL

There are no additives or preservatives, just the bean.

Comes in re-sealable, CO2 neutral packaging.

Certification- Fair Trade 

Available in both bean and ground form.