Earl of Grey Tea

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Earl of Grey Black Tea

Produced by British Artisan Teasmiths, Jeeves and Jericho, this is their version of a famous classic. It is a well-balanced blend of Assam and China black leaf teas. The natural bergamot oil compliments the rich liquor to create a smooth citrus taste and aroma. A sprinkling of vibrant blue cornflower petals decorates this revitalising brew.

Medium-bodied and softly scented. Refreshingly mellow with subtle notes of bergamot.

Assam and China black teas, natural bergamot oil and cornflower petals. Naturally contains caffeine.

Brewing Guide:
Use fresh water. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.
Tea 3.5g, Water 300ml, Temp. 100°C, Steep 3 mins

Available in loose (100g) or 20 pyramid tea bags

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