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To celebrate us reaching 30,000 followers on Instagram and also to give a little something back for all the amazing support we have received over the last 5 years, we are holding a charity raffle. We wanted to help raise funds for a much needed cause and also one that might not be as well known as some others. 

We have sought advice from experts in the field to decide where your donations will make the most impact right now. And we've chosen the charity; Virunga. 

Virunga is Africa's largest biologically diverse National Park, which has suffered greatly from the the last 20 years of war. Virunga National Park employs 700 men and women who risk their lives daily to protect the wildlife within the park, which includes the last of the worlds Mountain Gorillas. 

Along side its conservation efforts, Virunga is also committed to supporting its local communities. Through the responsible harnessing of the parks resources, they hope to be able to create new opportunities for the 4 million people who live within a days walk of its borders. 

On April 25th 2020, 12 Virunga Park Rangers lost their lives after an assault by armed rebel groups involved in poaching and illegal charcoal production. This is one of many reasons we have chosen to support this amazing cause, and these amazing people. 

The raffle will run from 6pm Sunday 20th Aug - 6pm Sunday 6th Sept. The winners will be drawn at 7pm via a random number generator and will be streamed via IG Live. We have 29 prizes available, and will draw 29 winning numbers. The first number will win prize #1, the second #2 and so on.

Winning numbers and names are listed below with the prize they will receive. Keep an eye out for an email from us so we can arrange getting your prize to you. Thank you to everyone that took part and to the amazingly talented artists that donated the gifts. You guys are awesome! 

1st Prize- A Unique hand-carved drinking horn. The design being completely hand drawn onto the horn by Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo and then carved by ourselves. One of a kind. Winner- 6289- Jade Hunter

2nd Prize-  A hand made mace from @ValhallaTrainingAcademy Winner- 6241- L McManus

3rd Prize- A 1 2 1 session with Professional LW Strong-woman Rhianon Lovelace Winner- 6265- Dustin Andrews

4th Prize- A handmade leather wallet from Swift Hammer Leather Winner- 6343 Johnathan Goodwin 

5th Prize- Gauntlet from Ironbear Leather Winner- 6232- Brewer Thompson

6th Prize- Handmade Raven Box from Thorsonns Workshop Winner- 6249 Rainy Day

7th Prize- Handmade Copper Dragon Tortoise Brooch by Anna McDade Winner- 6287- Denise Healey

8th Prize- Silver Drinking Horn Pendant from @disirjewellery Winner- 6381- Zoe Turnbull

9th Prize- £20 Voucher for @NorthernFire Winner- 6372- Adam Raven

10th Prize- £20 Voucher for @Razorstorm Winner- 6306- Kyle Dennis

11th Prize- Tote Bag and Signed CD from @Kati_Ran Winner- 6311- Bryan Gibbs

12th Prize- 1 2 1 Session at @PrimalEden Gym Winner- 6334- Nathan Tindsley

13th Prize- Mjilnor Pendant from Kai @Nordictattoo Winner- 6258- Michael Jackman

14th Prize- Wallet and Keyring from @AmericanHeathen Winner- 6288- Sheila Fontaine

15th Prize- Pendant, keyring and candle from @Skingsleyforge Winner- 6396- Ricky Hughes

16th Prize- Odin and Mjilnor Pendant from @vikingofthetees Winner- 6293- Dan Wake

17th Prize- Bone Mjilnor Pendant from @thorsthreads Winner- 6282- Thomas Cox

18th Prize- Painted Skull from @kat_van_hell Winner- 6233- Milo Reddaway

19th Prize- Art prints from @Anglesdottiart Winner- 6252- Rachel Nye

20th Prize- Stone Rune Set from Ftg_ Runecrafting Winner- 6233- Milo Reddaway

21st Prize- Bone and Leather Pendant from @wildathearttaxidermy Winner- 6275- Dillon Reay

22nd Prize- Art work from @villkat.arts Winner- 6395- Stephen Macneill

23rd Prize- Giftcard from @ValkyrieFitnesss Winner- 6275- Dillon Reay

24th Prize- Horns of Odin Mug from @Tinythorinpottery Winner- 6269- Alexander Dreymon

25th Prize- Axe Pendant from @artforvalhalla Winner- 6235- Samantha Harris

26th Prize- Wooden Plaque from @Nordurlijos_art Winner- 6375- Brent Moyer

27th Prize- Leather Pouch from @ulfstag Winner- 6233- Milo Reddaway

28th Prize- Rune Bowl from @thorssonnsworkshop Winner- 6237- Stuart Ewing

29th Prize- Games and Comics from @canibeaviking Winner- 6384- Marisa Eury

30th Prize- One of a kind art work from Shaun Hogan @shoguntattoo Winner- 6269- Alexander Dreymon

 We will donate 100% of any money raised, minus postage costs to ship prizes. Usually we would cover these costs ourselves. However, due to the size of the raffle and current global situation this isn't possible.