Freyja's Cat Pendant

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Freyja's Cat Pendant

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Freyja's Cat Pendant

Beautifully handmade copper or brass pendant which depicts the Norse Goddess Freyja's beloved cats. The design has been hand drawn and then chemically etched onto the copper or brass, creating a unique finish. The chain is closed with a handmade spiral clasp.

  • Material: Copper or Brass
  • Chain length: 47.5cm
  • Pendant: 3cm x 3cm
  • Handmade spiral clasp
  • Handmade

In Norse Mythology Freyja (/ˈfrə/Old Norse for "(the) Lady") is a goddess associated with war, death, love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, and seiðr. Freyja is the owner of the necklace Brisingamen, rides a chariot pulled by two cats, is accompanied by the boar Hildisvíni, and possesses a cloak of falcon feathers. modern forms of the name include Freya, Freyia, and Freja.

All our jewellery is handmade in the U.K using the highest quality material available. Please be aware that it is all handmade to order by our local jeweller, so there is a production time of around two weeks once the order has been placed.

Any customs fees that may occur with items sent to Europe are payable by the customer. 

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