Mjolnir with Hugin and Munin rim

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Mjolnir with Hugin and Munin rim

Mjolnir with Hugin and Munin rim

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Mjolnir with Hugin and Munin rim

This horn has a pair of handmade copper rims that have been etched with a Hugin and Munin design. Mjolnir has been hand carved into the center of the horn, with the runes Wunjo, Uruz and Thurs.

Mjölnir (Old norse: Mjǫllnir) - Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, and is one of the most feared weapons in all of Norse Mythology. It is especially feared by the jötunn (Giants), as Thor is Asgard's resident giant slayer. The hammer was forged by the Dwarves, Brokkr (Meatalworker) and Sindri (Spark-sprayer) and can be shrunk to the size of an amulet and worn around the neck. 

Hugin (Old Norse "Thought") and Munin (Old Norse "Memory") were Odin's two Ravens. The All father would send the pair out across Midgard (Earth) every morning, to scan the world for information. They would return each evening and whisper their findings into the God's ear.

Wunjo (Elder Futhark) - Joy, comfort, pleasure, fellowship, harmony, prosperity, ecstasy, glory and spiritual reward.

Uruz (Elder Futhark) - Physical strength,and speed, untamed potential, freedom, energy, courage, wisdom and sexual desire.

Thurs (Younger Futhark) - Strength and Power. Possessing the essence of a giant.

  • Capacity: 400 - 600 ml (Approx)
  • Pair of Copper "Hugin and Munin" rims
  • Mjolnir carving
  • Wunjo, Uruz and Thurs runes carving.
  • Hand crafted in the U.K
  • Beeswax lined

All our horn products are completely handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop so please be aware there is a production time of around 4 weeks once the order has been placed .

All our horn products are handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop. All horns arrive in their completely natural state, we then sand, polish and line the inside of each individual piece. All designs are drawn on and carved entirely by hand.

The inside of the horn has been extensively cleaned and then lined using a food grade beeswax. We try to keep everything as authentic and organic as possible, which is why we opt for a deodorized beeswax lining rather than a polyurethane one. Because we use a natural wax, the horn isn't suitable for hot drinks. All drinking horns and mugs come with a set of care instructions.

Our horns come without a stand, unless specified otherwise. All our stands are made exclusively for Horns of Odin by our U.K based blacksmith and can be found in the "horn accessories" section. 

These horns are made to order, so may differ from the product pictures. If you have a preferred colour horn, please leave a message with your order and we will do everything we can to accommodate.




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