Large War horn with Shoulder Strap

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Large War horn with Shoulder Strap

This is our plain war horn, that has been polished to a high gloss finished and has a high quality shoulder strap. We don't use trumpet reeds in our war horns, each and every mouth piece has been hand carved to match the traditional Viking method.

War Horns are sounding devices that were typically made from animal horn, a mouth piece is carved into the "tip" of the horn allowing the user to blow the horn creating an extremely loud distinctive noise. The most famous Viking war horn was Gjallerhorn which belonged to the God Heimdall, who would sound the horn to signal the beginning or Ragnarok (The end of the world).

If name is chosen please leave a message on the order stating what name is required and also whether you want it in Runes or English.

    • Length: 55 cm (Approx)
    • Rustic finish
    • Hand crafted in the U.K
    • Traditional mouth piece
    • High quality shoulder strap
    • Vegetable tan leather 
    • Option to add a brass or copper raven rim
    • Option to add a name

    All our horn products are completely handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop so please be aware there is a production time of around 3-4 weeks  once the order has been placed .

    All our horn products are handmade in our Yorkshire based workshop. All horns arrive in their completely natural state, we then sand, polish and line the inside of each individual piece. All designs are drawn on and carved entirely by hand.

    All of our leather work is handmade in the U.K by our expert leathersmith, exclusively for Horns of Odin. We use vegetable tan leather, which is what would have been used during the Viking age, to give our products that authentic feel.

    These horns are made to order, so may differ from the product pictures. If you have a preferred colour horn, please leave a message with your order and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

    Please note the colour and style of the shoulder strap may differ from the pictures shown.

    Any customs fee's that may occur with items sent to Europe are payable by the customer.