The Nordic Mythology Podcast

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In this podcast Dr Mathias Nordvig (Nordic Studies Professor at University Colorado Boulder) and Daniel Farrand (Co-owner of Horns of Odin) sit down and discuss various topics from the Viking Age and Norse Mythology.

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  • Jason

    Love the podcast guys! I have had the drunk Odin theory for quite some time, though not to the same extent. I saw Odin getting more and more drunk, and the Loddfáfnir character who isn’t mentioned elsewhere is actually his drunken self. Keep up the good work, fuck white supremacists, and let’s all continue to learn and grow together.

  • Timothy

    Love the content that you guys have its very informational and I love your fun spin on things. I come from Minnesota which is called mini Norway. Keep up the great work

  • great content/poor audio quality

    Are your microphones from the iron age aswell? Very disturbing. Otherwise great guests, interesting content.

  • Odile

    I’ve been listening to this podcast when I work in my garden and it’s the best! Keep up the good work.

  • Paul

    Just finished listening to the episode with Josh Rood. Excellent episode.

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